O`GAY - III short gaystory collection



Harald Olausen

Finnish queer writer and gonzo journalist Harald Olausen creates something new that is not only literature but also a documentary about one way of living and writing. The final part of the Queern short story trilogy O`Gay is a good example of this and is guaranteed to be a different kind of gay literature than the prevailing one. Olausen's acclaimed flow style is already familiar from his debut work "The Prince of Egypt and Other Gay Short Stories" (Kulttuuriklubi 2012). Critics praised both the style of the book and the way it depicts homosexuality and its shady alleys in an exceptionally beautiful and poetic way. According to one reviewer, the apparent debauchery of Olausen's books is backed by beauty and wisdom. According to another, based on the debut book, Olausen has a lot to give to art. Digivallila.com critic Eero K.V. Suorsa writes in the short stories of gay life highlighted in the short stories of this book: "We face such acts of violence, subjugation and humiliation, not forgetting the descriptions of love, admiration and jealousy. In Olausen's reading, these do not exclude each other, but look at human life as it is. In his book "Sex" (Bazar 2021), Professor Timo Airaksinen writes about Harald's writings: Yes, Krister Kilhman wrote brilliantly on the subject in his books and memoirs. Tom of Finland drew his thoughts on paper, but Harald says it all, also in many of his works of fiction.