Mr. president Joe Biden and Mrs. vicepresident Kamala Harris


Text by: editor in chief Mr. Harald Olausen

Mr. President and Mrs. vicepresident United States Of America

Congratulations on behalf of the whole world and especially Finland. You cannot even imagine how here in the far north we have watched the U.S. presidential election in our hearts with great joy that you won the election.

Your speech was brilliant and gave the world confidence that the United States will once again be ruled by good will and practical thinking, without forgetting justice and the common good.

When you compare the recorded farewell speech of President Trump and your speech, it is easy to understand why the world breathes freely again for a moment. There was nothing true in Trump's speech. The familiar and still astonishing lie continued. The best and most anticipated point was: when I now leave the White House.

Harald Olausen

Editor in chief

P.S. When will you come to Finland to meet President Sauli Niinistö and Mrs. Jenni Haukio and their Lennu dog?