The surprising success story of The Chatter Guys continues!


I myself am a little surprised at how the British gay couple's show on YouTube, The Chatter Guys, has enchanted me with its simple authenticity. In honor of Pride week, you should watch the duo's adventures on YouTube, from Benidorm to, say, Leeds. Lovely and inspiring - more like this! This has been needed for a long time. Why hasn't this been offered before? WHY? WHY?

The Chatter Guys youtube movies are full of interesting everyday drama and excitement. For example, how are they doing in the new hotel, and is the burger tasty and does one pint of beer really cost nearly £7 at The Admiral Duncan in London? And those mammoth transsexuals! They also tour less known places and meet strangers. And how naturally and invitingly.

Well told, the stories are light and funny, filled with wonder and drunken babbling and dancing Brits, and they are not decorated with self-righteousness or vanity, but with the modest, straightforward honesty of everyday life, the "common sense" that sustains us ordinary people (even gays?). And the boys are great, normal and talk normal. Great and wonderful!

The homemade story is simple and funny. Two nice gay men who are comfortable with themselves and each other travel around England, and tell the viewers about the sights, hotels and entertainment on the way, and of course the past and present glory of British gay bars as an extra. And everyone always has a good time, both they and the guests are smiling.

These trips are made "cinematic" by the clever use of the camera and the cuts, so that the viewer feels like they are with the duo themselves in the middle of their exciting adventures, as one participating companion. This is the best entertainment ever! New episodes are always eagerly awaited every night. There is also something new every time. Now the last hotel tour in small hotels. The trip to Scarabourg's Fish and Ships bar was great fun. Why? Because there was nothing extra. It just was.

You rarely see England or its nightlife or the gay world from this point of view. That's what makes these trips special. Youtube is full of travel videos that are worse than each other, and they should learn from these guys, whose chatter and familiarity is natural, and not unpleasant and pushy like many others seem to be. We need more trips, stories, gay pubs, drunk gays and fun! It's wonderful. We need something like this. Are better than gay movies. The Chatter Guys is also on Facebook!

Text by journalist Harald Olausen from Helsinki, Finland- Europe.

Harald Olausen is also on Facebook!